HIV/AIDS and the orphan crisis in S. Africa

South Africa yearly leads the world in HIV/AIDS reported deaths. Parents with HIV/AIDS pass the virus to their babies. In this crisis of parental deaths, children are victims of a disease they must fight without the aid of parental care.

The most vulnerable orphans

Safari Sisters helps the most vulnerable orphans and disadvantaged youth through various holistic and social activities. Informational and fund raising events are also held in order to create awareness and funding.

Solution: Acres of Love Forever Families

There is plenty of information now available about the HIV/AIDS Pandemic. But when parents die, others must take on a new responsibility. The forever home model at Acres of Love is a viable and compassionate way to care for orphans.

Getting involved: The Safari Sisters

What can one do from here to help orphans there? A viable option to becoming an adoptive parent is supporting an organization that provides premium care to children that are victims of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Acres of Love Staff Stories:

  • Erin Krusiewicz
    Erin Krusiewicz, Acres of Love

    Erin Krusiewicz works part-time for Acres of Love in the Orange County office. At her home church, Erin is an ambassador for Acres of Love and is involved in the Orphan Care ministry, helping others understand the process of adoption and the plight of the African child, orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

 Erin travels to Africa annually to help and assist with orphan care initiatives....

  • Toni Danchik
    Toni Danchik, Acres of Love

    Toni has known Ryan and Gerda Audagnotti since before their first child was born, over 25 years ago. She has always known them to be a couple who placed a huge value on their children and family life was the most important priority.  She has always known Gerda to have a heart for orphans.  It has been a privilege to see how those passions and...

  • Gerda Audagnotti
    Gerda Audagnotti, Acres of Love

    Gerda Audagnotti and her husband and partner, Ryan Audagnotti founded Garafin International in 1982. For the past 21 years they have been actively involved in managing Garafin International - their global consulting business. Gerda is experienced in financial planning and cash flow management, and currently serves as the  Chief Executive Officer of Acres of Love. Ryan and Gerda’s dedication and commitment to orphaned and abandoned...